RIght the Rules

Raising the bar on good governance for a future built on integrity and trust.

Around the world, corruption and poor governance continue to fuel inequality, distrust of leadership and deprivation of rights. Transparency can help navigate good pathways to better corporate and public governance to combat these detrimental trends. With transparent conditions and responsible business practice, we have better chances of success as both business and society thrive.

Changing governance calls for radical collaboration and holistic action. Working together with business, civil society, governments and more, we’re raising the bar on what good governance looks like—and keeping accountability, sustainability and equality at the center of these efforts.


From pervasive bribing of officials to the fallout from the global economic crisis and the vacuum in political leadership, the public’s disillusionment with leadership is clear. These systemic failures have undermined trust in both business and public institutions and must be addressed.

Creating new norms of governance, by preventing corruption, undertaking responsible tax practice and defending civic rights, allows companies to rebuild that trust. Where transparency is standard practice, companies strengthen their social license to operate and governments enhance their accountability to citizens.


We work with the private sector to strengthen transparency and improve governance and to better support and implement anti-corruption policy and tax practice. To make progress on these issues, we partner with civil society, investors, international institutions and more.

Business thrives best in healthy democracies, where rule of law is respected and people’s rights are protected. We encourage companies to support the rights of all people and participation from all corners of society and to recognize that civic freedoms are closely linked to a successful marketplace. The trade in ideas needs to be as fair as markets themselves.


Fair markets and healthy democracies enable long-term sustainability and success for both businesses and societies. Transparency and better governance build trust in how decisions are made and whom they ultimately benefit.

The companies we work with are at the forefront of setting new standards of good governance, whether it’s championing the call to end anonymous companies, taking a stand for civic rights or endorsing our Responsible Tax Principles. These companies are leading the charge, collaborating and responding to the broader call for change and demonstrating their commitment through specific changes in policy and practice.



Foster transparency in company ownership and public contracting to enable clean and accountable markets free from corruption.


Encourage adoption of responsible corporate tax practice and advocacy for fair and effective tax systems that contribute to society and sustainable development.


Drive support for the protection of civic rights that ensure citizens’ freedoms and stable, sustainable business environments.

Action on Governance

Preventing Corruption

Building transparency in business structures and government contracting for better public accountability.
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Advancing Responsible Tax Practice

Raising the bar on responsible tax policy and practice and contributing to a fairer future tax system.
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Protecting Civic Rights

Growing a coalition of companies committed to protecting civic rights to create societies where both citizens and business can succeed.
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