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100% Human at Work Network

The best way for businesses to learn how to create equal, fair and thriving workplaces is from each other.

That’s why we established the 100% Human at Work Network in partnership with Virgin Unite—to help companies move away from focusing exclusively on maximizing profits and toward helping people achieve their highest potential.

This new vision is of workplaces that are 100% Human—ones in which business always puts people first. The 100% Human at Work Network is a platform that brings businesses and experts together around the globe to lead conversations, encourage collaboration and innovation, set benchmarks and facilitate learning around this shift.


The world of work is transforming at a faster rate than ever before—affecting jobs, workers, wages and society at an unprecedented pace. Fundamental shifts in digitization, globalization and automation are transforming entire societies and economies as we know them.

For both people and businesses to thrive amidst these changes, we need continued collaboration and learning to ensure our workplaces are 100% Human.


The 100% Human at Work Network provides a space and platform for collaboration, learning and growth in the face of this challenge. Committed companies come together to share key learnings from experiments with new ways of working they’ve tested and ideas for further iterations.

But the conversation doesn’t end there. The 100% Human at Work Network amplifies the efforts its companies put forth to help drive and scale change, encouraging businesses around the world to learn and innovate.


The partnerships and dialogues the 100% Human at Work Network fosters are helping create new norms around workplace practices and policies. With 400 members and growing, the experimentation and innovation the Network drives is shifting the way we work.

It’s building a better way of doing business—one that places people at the center, catalyzing a future of work that will serve humanity.



Expand the 100% Human Network to 1 million companies committed to the journey of creating and implementing experiments toward a better working world.


Develop a wider Network in regions around the world including Africa, Australia and the Pacific region and dedicated Network Labs—allowing businesses with interests in particular issues to work together toward one goal.


All member companies work to address some of the most pressing human rights issues facing our world, including welcoming refugees and migrants, building diverse and inclusive cultures and ensuring fair and free supply chains.

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