What we do

We’re creating new norms of corporate leadership grounded in sustainability, equality and accountability.

1 Create Bold Space

We know that our model of leadership and the role of business needs to change. For this transformation to happen at the scale and speed needed, we play our part in creating the space to explore a new purpose for business. In doing so, we help define and refine the key pillars of 21st century leadership.

2 Lead By Example

We pledge to “start at home.” We focus first on ourselves, our businesses, our industries and our communities. We do our utmost to demonstrate a better way of doing business and of leadership. Then we share our learnings, mistakes, experiences and more to encourage others to do their “homework” too.

3 Use Our Voice

We know the system is set up to hear our voices as leaders in business and civil society. We use this privilege to bring more voices and inclusion to the forefront. We amplify the practices and policies that are advancing the wellbeing of people and our planet.

4 Build Partnerships

While we “start at home,” the changes we ultimately seek are bigger than our own companies, communities and countries. They require economic and industrial overhaul. And they cannot be done alone. We collaborate with civil society, governments, experts and corporate leaders to accelerate the transformative action needed to build a better tomorrow, today.

5 Redefine Success

We know that for business to succeed in the long-term, it’s time to change what success means. Measurement must go beyond financial performance to include the well-being of people and our planet. We work to make these measures of success the new norm for corporate leadership and a key lever in transforming our systems.