Advancing Responsible Tax Practice

Inclusive economies depend on fair, effective tax systems. A strong tax base helps create the conditions necessary for investment in critical infrastructure and services, which in turn guarantee sustainable development and growth.

Corporate tax plays a fundamental role in building a healthy tax base and a company’s tax contribution also affords it a social license to operate. We believe that businesses can lead the drive toward better tax practice and tax systems. Our Responsible Tax Principles provide a foundation for action.

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Endorse The B Team Responsible Tax Principles

The B Team Responsible Tax Principles help forge a new consensus around responsible corporate tax policy and practice. The Principles address key areas including corporate governance, relationships with authorities and transparency. By endorsing the principles, companies take a bold step toward responsible tax—and demonstrate the value of corporate tax to corporate sustainability.

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Explore How Companies Are Approaching Tax Transparency

Companies that endorse our Responsible Tax Principles commit to tax transparency in the form of public reporting. Meaningful tax reporting promotes dialogue and understanding and helps build trust—but there remains no consensus on what this looks like. We examined how businesses are reporting and distilled eight key lessons that can help shape a meaningful approach to tax transparency.

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Economic growth depends on fair and effective tax systems. Responsible tax is a crucial part of this and helps build a future where everyone can truly thrive.”

Oliver Bäte, CEO, Allianz and Member, Governance Working Group

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Preventing Corruption

Building transparency in business structures and government contracting for better public accountability.
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Protecting Civic Rights

Growing a coalition of companies committed to protecting civic rights to create societies where both citizens and business can succeed.
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