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20th February 2023

Enterprise à Mission Groupe Rocher endorses The B Team Responsible Tax Principles

Groupe Rocher, the France-based skin care, cosmetics and perfume company, has become the 27th company to formally endorse The B Team’s Responsible Tax Principles.

The company is legally designated in France as an “enterprise à mission,” a model which aligns social and environmental goals with commercial purpose. Groupe Rocher’s commitment to the Responsible Tax Principles formalizes its recognition that a responsible approach to tax is foundational to corporate accountability and sustainability.

“The Rocher Group supports the vision that today's economies can only rely on fair tax systems,” commented Jean-Michel Garrigue, deputy CEO and general counsel. “Only through a responsible approach to taxation can companies play their part in generating sustainable and inclusive growth.”

Groupe Rocher’s approach to tax is articulated in a new Tax Charter, formally adopted by the Board of Directors in 2022. The Charter outlines the company’s approach to good tax governance and includes a number of important tax commitments:

  • Aligning profit allocation with value creation and applying the “arm’s length principle” to ensure a fair distribution of tax across the company’s markets;

  • Rejecting corporate structures that are driven primarily by tax concerns and seeking, where necessary, to dissolve harmful tax structures inherited following corporate acquisitions;

  • Abiding by both the letter and spirit of tax law;

  • Utilizing a robust tax control framework to manage tax risks;

  • Adopting a transparent and cooperative relationship with tax authorities around the world; and

  • Promoting responsible tax practices externally as well as internally (through its involvement in business associations, for example).

Groupe Rocher is also committing to enhanced transparency with “all stakeholders in the tax sphere,” including its customers, staff and civil society groups — with a view toward building trust through ongoing, constructive dialogue. The Tax Charter will be published as part of the company’s 2022 non-financial performance report, and its endorsement of The B Team’s Responsible Tax Principles commits the company to ongoing improvements in tax transparency over time.

The B Team will work with Groupe Rocher to ensure accountability for implementation of the Principles, including through the Responsible Tax Working Group, where Rocher joins 26 other multinational companies seeking to practice and promote a responsible approach to tax.

The B Team encourages all companies, including those that are privately owned, to follow the leadership example set by Groupe Rocher. To learn more about The B Team and how you can join the Responsible Tax Principles movement, please contact Ewan at

About The B Team Responsible Tax Principles

Developed by multinational businesses with input from civil society, investors and representatives from international institutions, The B Team launched its Responsible Tax Principles at the Tax & SDG Conference at UN Headquarters in February 2018. The B Team Responsible Tax Principles are a blueprint for raising the bar on how businesses approach tax. They are the first consolidated effort from a group of cross-sector, cross-regional companies to articulate best practice in seven key areas of tax, from corporate governance to transparency to relationships with authorities.