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5th June 2014

Zhang Yue: A Harmonious Approach to Economic Growth

Recalling ancient philosophies from Plato's Republic to the Chinese Book of Changes, Zhang Yue, B Leader and Chairman of the Broad Group argues that Lao Tzu offered the same teachings in a simple doctrine: "harmony between heaven and human, harmony between nature and human."

In an interview with Meng Liu, Chinese representative to the United Nations Global Compact, Zhang Yue worries that as humans increasingly attempt to control nature, we increase the risk of destroying it. He warns of the dangers of solely focusing on the financial bottom line and calls for a more balanced approach.

He marvels at the current level of production worldwide, stating that we as humans are capable right now of providing an acceptable living standard, even a comfortable living standard for all human beings on the planet. Yet, in our current state there is unhappiness in our world, there is inequality, there is an increasing tendency to put chemicals in our food and products, and to pollute our planet.

To help address these problems and inspire a more harmonious path he calls for a strengthened international system to stimulate and facilitate action.