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13th April 2015

Simeon Ogonda: Our Planet, Our Children

When thinking about the current state of our planet from an environmental perspective, the saying often goes, "what kind of world are we leaving for our children and our grandchildren"? In the latest blog post in The B Team's series, Simeon Ogonda reverses the question and asks, "what kind of children are we leaving behind for our planet"?

Ogonda has observed that in the past three centuries, during the ages of mechanization and eventually globalization, humans have altered the environment dramatically and become a direct threat to the planet as we know it. To him it is obvious that we have not passed on values that celebrate the protection and cultivation of our home.

In this blog, Ogonda describes his journey and his eventual passion for developing ventures and initiatives that that both restore the environment and develop a new generation of leaders. "Our generation learned about capitalism, and soon became its experts. Our children can learn about the planet, and become its most dedicated proponents" he says.

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