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29th September 2015

Keith Tuffley and Rajiv Joshi: Unusual Partnerships for Unusual Times

"It's considered unusual to find an activist and an investment banker working together... normally you'd find the two of us on entirely different sides, but these are not normal times," write our Managing Partner and CEO Keith Tuffley and our Managing Director, Rajiv Joshi in a recent blog post for Huffington Post.

Indeed these are not normal times. In fact, we are living in a very crucial moment in human history where we are the first generation with the ability to end poverty, and yet, possibly also the last, due to the potential irreversible damage done by human induced climate change.

This week The United Nations adopted a set of 17 Global Goals which aim to end extreme poverty, tackle climate change and address a number of other major global challenges. These issues are cross cutting and will require partnerships, energy, and active participation from all sectors of society, exactly why we need to see more examples of bankers and activists working feverishly towards the same end-goal.

That's why The B Team has called for a business plan to meet the Global Goals, one that will spur the types of partnerships needed to achieve them, and also provide a way for businesses to integrate them into their models.

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