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8th September 2014

Paul Venton: Natural Defense Against Un-Natural Disaster

Storms, floods, droughts effect millions around the world and cause an estimated 100 billion dollars in damages every year. Paul Venton, a Specialist in Disaster Risk Reduction, disputes that these events are 'natural' disasters, saying that we should instead recognize natures ability to remedy them, and our part in destroying nature's ability to do so.

Venton writes, "the damage done often tends to expose what has been hidden --the slow build-up of unsafe vulnerable conditions created by our human choices."

In the most recent blog post as part of our 'Plan B for Business' series being produced in partnership with Huffington Post, Venton describes how economic development directly effects the wetlands, forests, reefs and other natural protection against natural disaster, and how man-made global warming is speeding the regularity of these disasters.

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