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24th June 2014

Mindy Lubber: U.S. Policy and Clean Energy

In a post for a blog series being produced by The Huffington Post and The B Team, Mindy Lubber, President of Ceres, describes how policy makers in the United States are falling behind business when it comes to clean energy. She argues that more and more businesses are seeing the business incentive to incorporate clean energy and other sustainable practices into their companies and no longer waiting for Washington’s national policies to catch up.

She does in fact lay out some very powerful trends, citing that many business strongly and publicly supported new EPA emission standards for power plants, and that over 60 percent of fortune 100 firms have goals for renewable energy.

Business can in fact play a powerful role in re-structuring the landscape of renewable energy. However, she still goes on to say that state and national government would do well to create a stable policy environment for renewable energy.“

If America’s largest companies are up to the challenge…our elected officials should also be stepping up to the plate, not standing in the way.”

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