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1st July 2014

John Elkington: Get Ready for the Breakthrough Decade

"There is a growing—and uncomfortable—sense that the decade from 2015 to 2025 will be make-or-break" writes John Elkington, B Team Advisor and Executive Chairman of Volans, in a recent post in which he describes the tipping point that may be the next 10 years. Elkington's organization Volans, which drives market based solutions to the world's greatest challenges is now working on framing the next decade as a 'breakthrough decade,' hoping that the breakthrough to come will provide the big solutions needed to solve some of our greatest societal and planetary challenges.

In the video above Volans elaborates on the 3 possible scenarios and likely outcomes for the next decade, showing the need for real 'breakthrough.'

Elkington and Volans hope that the upswings of some current major market shifts can become a rising tide. Citing big data as a major and rising trend, alongside the growing numbers of CEOs and other influential insiders truly embracing the sustainability agenda he hopes the work of Volans can nudge these and other positive trends towards the breakthrough.