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12th March 2015

Guilherme Leal: Why Companies Must Be Agents of Transformation

What is the role of companies today? What does it mean to be successful in business? What are the right measures of success?These are the questions B Team Leader and Co-Founder of Natura, Guilherme Leal asks and answers in a new exclusive.

Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics company that utilizes a direct selling model that employs over 1.6 million "consultants" is globally recognized for its commitment to sustainability. In this blog, Leal opens by stating his belief that the pursuit of the financial bottom line alone in business "has led us astray from creating a better world for all."

Leal also details the process of Natura becoming a certified B Corporation. In late 2014, the company became the first publicly traded company to become a B Corp and also became the largest in terms of earnings and number of employees. Leal feels that 'B Corp' certification reinforces Natura's values and beliefs, but furthermore "indicates that Natura is on the right track to help build a more sustainable society" while stimulating the company to further improve its policies and practices.

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