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19th September 2015

Guilherme Leal: Time to do Away With Unconcious Consumption

More and more we are seeing business take legitimate action to solve the social and environmental challenges we face. However, less prevalent is a very big elephant in the room: our culture must consume less if we are to be successful at reigning in a new, sustainable, and equitable way of living.

"Unconscious capitalism has led us to consume much more than the planet can regenerate, in order to end this dangerous cycle, we need innovation and cultural changes" writes B Team Leader and CEO of Natura, Guilherme Leal.

This is an especially important issue to be aware of this week as the United Nations adopts a new set of global goals designed to end poverty, tackle climate change and build a sustainable economy by the year 2030.

Because of our consumer culture, we already consume more than our earth can regenerate in a single year, and with our population set to rise over 9 billion by 2050, we are on pace to consume 2.3 times what the earth can regenerate on a yearly basis.

Mr. Leal and Natura have shown great leadership, working to advance a Plan B for business, and more and more companies will need to follow this lead and contribute to the success of the Global Goals.

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