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22nd September 2015

François-Henri Pinault: Why Business Must Become Regenerative

Goal 15 of the Global Goals for sustainable development, set to be adopted this week by the United Nations focuses on protecting and promoting sustainable ecosystems while halting biodiversity loss. This goal is a significant challenge for all of society and in particular business, writes The B Team's François-Henri Pinault in a recent Huffington Post blog.

According to Pinault, many business lack even a basic understanding of their impact on the environment and the natural systems on which they depend, but he is adamant that "business approaches that design and integrate solutions to restore and protect the natural systems we depend on will be the recipe for success in the future."

To move along this path he believes business must first be more aware about why natural systems are critical to their long term survival, second, work to implement innovative new accounting practices such as natural capital accounting (of which Kering has been a pioneer), and lastly, continue to form exciting and successful cross-sector partnerships with other businesses, civil society, and government.

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