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8th October 2014

Femke Groothuis: How Taxes Can Save the World

On our current trajectory humans are draining natural resources at an unsustainable and alarming rate and we continue to see high unemployment in many countries around the world. In the most recent blog post as part of our 'Plan B for Business' blog series produced in partnership with The Huffington Post, Femke Groothuis, Director of the Ex'Tax Project explains why something as simple as shifting tax incentives can go a long way towards incentivizing a sustainable economy.

In our current system, there are high taxes on labour, and no tax, or even subsidies on resources used to produce goods and services. This is a system that pre-dates globalization was not set up to adapt to today's fast paced global economy.

Therefore, Groothuis is calling for a tax on natural capital rather than human capital, effectively incentivizing the creation of more jobs, and creating a disincentive to use natural resources.

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