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24th June 2014

Evan Williams: Mindfully Building a Company From the Ground Up

In this video, Evan Williams, Co-Founder of Twitter joins a panel at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference to talk about the process of building Obvious Corporation, and their focus on ‘mindfully’ building the company from the ground up.

Williams begins the session by talking about his past experiences in tech, working long hours, and not finding the time or space to incorporate any of his values into practice. After his days at Twitter, he decided he was going to instill sustainable and balanced values from the conceptualization of his new ventures through the launch and build.

Touching on many aspects of employee wellbeing and how this can in fact improve employee happiness and workplace culture and productivity, he also touches on the concept of holocracy, or the management structure in which companies make a concerted effort to be fully transparent at all levels of the company (see how Zappos is also incorporating holocracy here).

Evan Williams has also incorporated holocracy and other ‘mindfullness’ values in Medium, a new venture of his.