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4th July 2014

Daniel Epstein: Beyond Debt and Equity - My Love For Quasi-Equity

As part of our blog series produced in partnership with The Huffington Post, Daniel Epstein, Founder of the Unreasonable Institute professes his love for quasi-equity, a growing trend and a new form of investment that does not rely on taking equity in a company. Epstein feels this is the future of investment in the developing world and for investing in companies and opportunities creating social impact."

Many investors today make claim that they cannot invest in an exciting company that is having a positive impact on the world and that they believe will be widely profitable" says Epstein, who goes on to describe that its even more difficult when it comes to investing in an emerging market.

However, according to Epstein, through creative investment structures like quasi-equity, investments can support the incredible new social impact ventures coming out of emerging markets, and also be positive financially.

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