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5th August 2014

Aimee Christensen: Is Green Investing Dead?

As part of our blog series produced in partnership with The Huffington Post, Aimee Christensen, CEO of Christensen Global Strategies refutes any notion that green investing is dead.

However, she admits that a rapid increase in green investment is needed if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change and meet a global energy demand that will require 16 trillion dollars in investment by 2030.

Citing new companies driving sustainability like Tesla and Nutiva, new business models taking advantage of the green economy like Solar City and Sun Edison, and investment from powerhouse economies like China, she posits that green investment opportunities are on the rise and that they're also appealing for your financial bottom line.

This is good news, but more is needed, "so join her in moving more dollars where they will benefit our wellbeing now and in the long-term."

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