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17th January 2024

Report: Business Education for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

The science is clear: our planet is heating at an alarming rate. We need courageous leadership to navigate this rising, existential threat to communities, countries and commerce. This is especially true of the next generation of business leaders... but are they developing the right skills, capabilities and mindset to meet the challenges that await them? Business education is crucial to get this right.

New research published in a B Team-commissioned report points toward a “crisis of conformity” in the business education sector, similar to that facing business and politics. This crisis impedes the development of business leaders with the capabilities to drive the transition to an inclusive and sustainable economy.

Business Education for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future” explores this crisis and highlights the incentives for change in the business education sector. Authored by Odharnait Ansbro (founder, Solas) and Tom Rippin (CEO, On Purpose), the report includes calls to action and potential initiatives that could accelerate a needed shift in the approach of business educators and leaders. The report’s recommendations include:

  • Catalyze collective action
  • Co-define new visions of business success while working within the constraints of business today
  • Support leaders in finding the courage to change and build their expertise in sustainability
  • Amplify the efforts of pioneers and stories of change

As B Team leader Hiro Mizuno recently reflected in the Financial Times, “Business is under tremendous pressure to reduce emissions, facilitate the energy transition and catalyze a shift toward a regenerative economy that better serves people, our planet and future generations. If the purpose of business school is to prepare young people to be the leaders of tomorrow, we cannot allow ourselves to graduate students who are underprepared for the world that awaits them.”