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13th June 2014

Zappos: Changing Culture for Happiness and Transparency

These days it is common to see major companies finding innovative and new ways to promote corporate culture, employee wellness and overall quality of life in the workplace. One of the most innovative in this regard is Zappos.

In this video from 2011, CEO Tony Hsieh talked about the value of a happy workplace, happy employees and the value of a company making an effort to completely immerse and integrate itself into the community in which it lives. This active attitude towards employee and community wellness has allowed the company to become a successful and notoriously great company to work for.Keeping with their willingness to think outside the box when it comes to workplace culture, the company announced in late 2013 that it would go holocratic, meaning that it would have no job titles, no managers and no hierarchy. Zappos plans to have the overhaul complete in December 2014, and while this change will change life for both management and employees, the goal is complete transparency. Zappos feels that management will have the ability to see more clearly across the entire company, and that employees will have the freedom to take more leadership and ownership of their work.

As the company grows, they hope this system will also allow them to avoid bureaucracy and keep the lively culture they have successfully sustained so far.