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5th January 2015

Virgin Limited Edition: A greener, cleaner Necker Island

Virgin Limited Edition, Richard Branson’s collection of unique retreats and luxury hotels, is putting its money where its mouth is by rising to the Carbon War Room’s Ten Island Renewable Challenge.

Although there’s a long way to go yet, Necker Island is focused on ending their reliance on fossil fuels and acting as a pilot for the challenge.

Necker has made a number of innovative changes. Among these is a unique collaboration with NRG Energy to create a renewables-driven micro-grid for the entire island. The microgrid will supply high-quality, reliable electricity powered by a mixture of solar, wind and energy storage technologies.

The project plans to deliver 75% of the island’s energy at a competitive cost. This equates to 900kW of wind power, 350kW DC of solar energy, and a 500kWh battery capacity – so no energy goes to waste.

The Necker Island microgrid serves as a flagship representation of the power of innovation, the promise of microgrids and the central role of renewable energy in tackling the Caribbean’s energy challenges—all with a bit of friendly competition. Richard has even challenged the Prime Minister of Aruba to see which island can achieve its targets first.

You can see more about the Future of Necker Island here.

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