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19th October 2014

Virgin Active: Watches its waste line

Virgin Active has always been focused on ways to reduce the energy consumption in its clubs. Since 2011 the chain has made significant progress in becoming more energy efficient. It now reports a 25% reduction from the start of the project, with plans to reach 30% in 2015.Current energy-saving schemes include:

  • Heat reclaim air-conditioning systems
  • Low-energy lighting systems using passive infrared sensors and smart lighting
  • Water recycling systems in a number of clubs, where waste is used to flush toilets or water the grounds surrounding the club
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Advanced wall and roof insulation
  • Smart building management systems to ensure only necessary electricity is used

In addition, more than 2,300 Virgin Active staff members across the globe have been trained in ways to reduce energy usage in their clubs. In South Africa and the UK, there’s even a web-based near real-time energy metering system for clubs.You can read more about the progress here from Peter, Virgin Active SA's Head of Health, Safety and Engineering and here from Mark, Virgin Active's Energy Manger.