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3rd November 2016

Toward Sustainable Cities

Meeting the extraordinary environmental challenges we face globally, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and water scarcity, will require unprecedented collaboration and innovation. These crises cannot be solved by governmental organisations and civil society alone. Cities and business have a crucial role to play, and are ideally placed to test alternative models, foster innovation and bring many stakeholders into the process.

The B Team is pleased to partner with Solutions & Co—an impact journalism syndicate which brings business solutions to climate change already in action, to the fore. You can explore 50 solutions to climate change here. This year they have focused on solutions to build sustainable cities. In their e-book you will find insights and ideas from leading thinkers, including B Team Leaders Mary Robinson and Yolanda Kakabadse, alongside contributors from C40, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Total, SUEZ and more. The book covers topics such as building sustainable water systems, new ways of thinking about energy and transport, and smart urban planning.

Read and download "Toward Sustainable Cities" here and join us in sharing it with your networks.