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1st July 2014

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate: The New Climate Economy

There is near consensus across all fields and political leanings that climate change is happening, and the cost of inaction is growing every day. However, many global heads of state, business leaders and others feel that the costs associated with a change in path are too high. Essentially, many feel that addressing climate, especially from an individual government or organization perspective is prohibitively expensive.

To overcome this misconception, former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, along with many other former heads of state, finance leaders, heads of international organizations, and business leaders including B Leader and CEO of Unilever Paul Polman have joined The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Citing economy and cost as a key incentive for climate action Calderon presents a vision of an economy designed for growth and low carbon.

The group will release a report titled "The New Climate Economy" just before the UN Climate talks in September of 2014 that analyses the economic options of a move towards a low carbon economy. They hope that this report will be part of a new and growing consensus, one that says a low carbon economy will be a major driver of climate mitigation, but also drive economic growth.

For more on this subject, read about a new World Bank report that states climate change may actually allow the world economy to grow by 2.6 trillion a year.