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19th January 2015

TAU: Transforming Supply Chains for Good

TAU Investment Management “orchestrate and implement capitalist solutions to capitalism’s worst failure – the undervaluation of human and natural resources." TAU is a private equity firm established to generate above-market returns through the transformation of global supply chains.

TAU's first focus is on the global garment and textile industry, and they have invested $1 billion to transform supply chains. As part of their Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action, TAU target textile and apparel manufacturers in emerging markets such as Bangladesh. By bringing capital and expertise, TAU transforms factories, and in turn, the supply chains of the world’s largest brands. Such transformations yield improved transparency, greater dignity for workers, cleaner environments for communities, and enhanced performance and value for stakeholders.

TAU draws on partnerships with apparel industry leaders, NGOs, and policymakers to address the sector’s top issues, including unsafe workplaces, forced and child labor, and environmental degradation. TAU’s investments directly impact the lives of approximately 200,000 garment workers through skills training, improvements in compensation, safety and working conditions and other supportive programs such as healthcare and education. The transformations will result in a reduction of roughly 24 million metric tons of greenhouse gases and 2.5 billion kilowatt hours of energy through increased efficiencies – all of which also enhance financial performance.

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