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3rd June 2020

Standing Together Against Racism: Our Commitment to Learning, Accountability and Action

Black lives matter. We stand in solidarity with millions around the world demanding racial justice. They are calling for action. They are calling for us all to confront the recent unjust, tragic and racist killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Tony McDade and the unconscionable loss of so many lives that came before and since. These calls demand we confront a long history of systemic racism, which continues to impact Black people in micro and macro ways, every day. These structures are devastating and foundational to our societies and our economies and maintain a status quo that protects white privilege while perpetuating an unjust, unsafe and unequal reality for Black people.

At The B Team, we uphold equality as a basic human right. We, along with many businesses, have benefitted from structures of inequality and together we see it as our responsibility to help dismantle them and rebuild toward an inclusive, sustainable and equitable future. We recognize that to do so we must educate ourselves, hold ourselves accountable and take action. And we ask the private sector to join us. We cannot build an economy that serves all people without bringing racial justice and anti-racism to everything we do.

These words are not enough. They are a starting point. We will ask more of ourselves and of business. Business can and must change. We do not, and should not, have all the answers, but we must seek them together. It takes open hearts and minds and deliberate action and effort every single day. We are ready to have the uncomfortable conversations and take the bold actions needed—not just in one moment, but in every moment—to contribute to a world in which Black people have equal rights and opportunities. Now, let’s stand together with humanity and create real change.

We’re taking on the responsibility to educate ourselves further. We are starting with the resources below and encourage you to join us.


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