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7th July 2015

Seizing The Global Opportunity: 2015 New Climate Economy Report

In a brand new report, The New Climate Economy outlines 10 key actions that government, business and civil society can take together to drive economic growth, while achieving 96% of the greenhouse-gas emissions reductions needed to stay below 2 degrees.

With this report, The New Climate Economy again proves the business case for climate action, showing that sustainable companies consistently outperform the rest of the market, and that 96% of the climate action needed can grow the global economy at the same time.

When world leaders meet in December at COP21 they will agree a global pathway to tackle climate change. But government commitments alone will not be enough to spur the level of climate ambition and action we need.

Business must do our part and work alongside government and civil society to increase ambition and action for a net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions economy by the year 2050.

So what can Business do? The New Climate Economy recommends these steps:

  1. Accelerate low-carbon development in the world’s cities
  2. Restore and protect agricultural and forest landscapes and increase agricultural productivity
  3. Invest at least US$1 trillion a year in clean energy
  4. Raise energy efficiency standards to the global best
  5. Implement effective carbon pricing
  6. Ensure new infrastructure is climate-smart
  7. Galvanise low-carbon innovation
  8. Drive low-carbon growth through business and investor action
  9. Raise ambition to reduce international aviation and maritime emissions
  10. Phase down the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

Read the NCE report to learn why we don't have to choose between economic growth and taking action on climate change, and find out how business, governments and citizens are already working together to reach net-zero by 2050.