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19th January 2015

SAB Miller's 5 Shared Imperatives

SAB Miller states that they "understand that their profitability depends on healthy communities, growing economies and the responsible use of scarce natural resources" and are working to ensure this is more than just talk with their 5 shared imperatives for sustainability.

These 5 imperatives include accelerating growth and social development through their value chains, securing shared water resources for their business and local communities, reducing waste and carbon emissions, supporting responsible and sustainable use of land for brewing crops, and of course, to make beer the "natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker!"

All joking aside, the beer giant is considered one of the leaders in the sustainability field, with Jane Nelson, director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School, calling the companies efforts "part of a new wave of sustainability plans" where targets are set "not only for the company but for the people it works with and sells to."

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