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2nd July 2015

Richard Branson: How Human is Your Company?

"I’ve always believed that when you spend so much of your life working, you should do everything you can to make it fun" writes B Team co-founder Richard Branson in a recent blog on how companies can be 100% human at work.

Branson wrote this piece as representatives from a range of companies were gathering at a People Innovation Network event hosted by The B Team and Virgin Unite to share their experiences and actions in making their companies more human.

Branson goes on to highlight our New Ways of Working Report which provides insights into how companies are taking innovative steps to transform work and the workplace, and mentions the nine elements of a 100% human-centered company we've identified as part of our 100% Human at Work initiative.

Branson himself has been a leader in this space at Virgin, always encouraging flexible working hours and innovative workplaces, and in the last 12 months introducing both unlimited annual leave and equal pay parental leave for both men and women.

To read Richard's latest blog click here.To learn more about The B Team's 100% Human At Work Initiative click here.