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19th September 2017

Progress In Partnerships: The B Team & OGP Team Up to Fight Corruption

Recognizing that cross-sector collaboration is key to realizing commitments and measuring progress, The B Team and Open Government Partnership today unveiled a new partnership to support private sector efforts for increased transparency in business and governments worldwide. The collaborative effort will help restore public trust by advocating for beneficial ownership transparency, open contracting and protection of civic space.

Open Government Partnership CEO Sanjay Pradhan announced the partnership at The B Team’s Toward a New Trust event this morning, emphasizing the power of collaboration in making an impact. “This is the new social compact, collaboration and trust between business leaders, government and civil society,” he said, “OGP provides a thriving global platform and we invite businesses to vibrantly engage to rebuild trust.”

B Team Leaders Sharan Burrow, Bob Collymore, Mo Ibrahim and Paul Polman offer their thoughts on how this new social compact can help rebuild trust in Open Government Partnership’s “Trust - The Fight to Win It Back” publication. Partnerships like the collaboration between The B Team and OGP can help bring their ideas to life.

To read this morning’s full announcement, click here. To watch a recording of this morning’s event, click here.