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1st March 2016

Paul Polman: Sustainability Is No Longer a Choice

In this guest Expert Voice blog for Live Science Paul Polman shares his belief, and evidence, that business interests and human imperatives at the heart of sustainable development both pull in the same direction.

He shares that our understanding of the global climate, economic system and world have all changed dramatically in the past decade. And with it, so to have our understanding of the roles and responsibilities of businesses changed. As we move into an uncertain future, facing climate change, new waves of migration and rising inequality, what is certain is that business has a clear role to play in tackling these issues. 2015 gave us the frameworks and momentum we need to address these problems, with the new SDGs and the Paris Agreement. But frameworks are only the starting point. It is up to everyone—governments, businesses and communities included—to take action to end extreme poverty and shift to a zero-carbon economy.

You can read the full blog post here.