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31st March 2014

Patagonia: The Footprint Chronicles

Company supply chains are often astounding in scope. Today, companies typically deal with an expansive web of factories and suppliers at a global scale. Unfortunately, coupled with this complex supply system is a lack of awareness about the social and environmental impacts of suppliers, with little effort towards remedying any issues that may arise.

Patagonia is making an effort to be transparent about its supply chain using it's 'Footprint Chronicles.' The 'Footprint Chronicles' publicly disclose information about Patagonia's suppliers, providing an interactive map with their location, some general information about each, and sometimes, a more in depth environmental and social assessment in which they report both positive and negative findings. Customers are also able to find similar information about individual products, including where they are sourced, and the corresponding supplier information.

This system allows Patagonia to be more vigilant in ensuring its supply chain meets certain standards, and begin to address issues and improve the impact them.