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23rd January 2015

Natura's Carbon Neutral Program: Reducing Emissions 33%

In 2007 Natura embarked on an bold mission: To become a carbon neutral company and reduce relative GHG emissions 33% by 2011. This mission ambitiously encompassed their entire business chain - from extraction of raw materials right through to disposal of products.

Natura believe that combatting climate change is a natural responsibility for them as a business. One they can meet through reducing their environmental impact, embracing new technologies and working collaboratively with others in their networks.

To achieve their mission Natura worked in three steps:

1. Inventory - across their supply chain they measured and recorded emissions and other environmental impacts. This is a continual process that is constantly refined and improved.

2. Reduction - Natura identified more than 300 opportunities for emissions reduction which were priortized for action, including reducing air travel, taking advantage of technological innovations for products and packaging and factoring environmental impact into all new product development decisions.

3. Offsetting - for emissions that could not be avoided Natura began to support a range of projects that both offset these emissions and produced local social and environmental benefits.

By the end of 2010 they had achieved a massive 21% reduction in relative emissions. They extended their target for a reduction of 33% to 2013, acknowledging the complexity of the actions required to make the reductions was higher than initially expected. Un-deterred Natura continued to make improvements and in 2013 reported a relative carbon reduction of 33.2%

For Natura a key part of their success has been turning targets into public commitments. As they look forward Natura has once again made a bold public commitment to reducing relative emissions by a further 33% against 2012 by 2020.