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23rd January 2015

Meet the Multi-Generational Workforce

"The world of work is changing" say Virgin Unite's Benjamin Hay and Anna Gowdridge in a new blog post as part of a series on Redefining Work.

Global challenges including climate change, natural resource degradation, food security and shifting economic power, are undoubtedly putting strains on society, and also pushing organizations to re-evaluate their structure and operating models.

However, Gowdridge and Hay also see additional societal shifts such as the rise of the millennial generation and technology that offer huge opportunity if business can leverage the right mix of age and experience, alongside skill and purpose.

To read the full post click here.

To read a second post from Benjamin Hay and Anna Gowdridge exploring the need for leaders to adapt as traditional workplaces break down click here.The B Team and Virgin Unite created a report on New Ways of Working to help organizations better understand changes to the world of work, listen to the needs of employees and create environments that help them thrive.