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17th January 2024

Letter to COP29 President on the urgency of inclusive decision-making

Today, The B Team have written to COP29 President-Designate Mukhtar Babayev to emphasize the urgency of inclusive decision-making for effective solutions.

To: COP29 President-Designate Mukhtar Babayev

As the world turns its attention to Azerbaijan and COP29, the complete absence of women from the COP29 Organizational Committee is a missed opportunity, jeopardizing inclusivity and success in Baku and undermining the UNFCCC’s ongoing efforts to ensure inclusion of all affected stakeholders.

Representing a global collective of business and civil society leaders, deeply committed to addressing the climate crisis, we recognize the urgency of inclusive decision-making for effective solutions.

In this collaborative spirit, we invite you, as COP29 president-designate, to boldly draw upon all of the extraordinary talent in Azerbaijan. This includes achieving equal representation of women leaders within your COP29 Presidency team and fostering an inclusive process that respects human rights and civic freedoms.

Signed on behalf of The B Team,

Jesper Brodin, CEO, Ingka Group IKEA; Chair, The B Team

Ester Baiget, President & CEO, Novozymes; Vice-Chair, The B Team

Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO, The B Team