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18th January 2015

Labour Rights in Unilever's Supply Chain

Unilever has made significant commitments to sustainability. However, they found there was a challenge in their corporate responsibilities when it came to labor issues throughout their supply-chain. Working with Oxfam, they opened their operations and supply chain to investigate the reality for workers in operations and supply chain on the ground in a developing countries.

The research had 2 objectives:

Objective 1: To assess the labour standards in Unilever’s operations and wider supply chain, taking into account international standards and local conditions.

Objective 2: To develop a set of principles and measures to guide Unilever, and other companies, in fulfilling their social responsibilities, as a complement to the better-defined environmental measures available.

The Labor Rights in Unilever's supply chain: From compliance towards good practice. An Oxfam study of labour issues in Unilever’s Vietnam operations and supply chain report was the result of this research and you can read it here.