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28th May 2015

Juliet Bourke: Why Men are an Important Part of the Gender Equality Equation

As TEDWomen 2015 takes place this week, it's a good time to celebrate how far society has progressed when it comes to diversity. The truth is we have come a long way, but there is definitely still more work to do.In the US, 88% of executive and senior level positions are held by white people, there are 65,000 instances of disability hate crimes every year in the UK, and the pay gap between men and women in Australia is between 15-18%, explains Juliet Bourke in this blog post.

"We are aware that diversity is an issue, but to say we are outraged or actively engaged would be a significant overstatement," she observes.

However, she does believe that change is happening. In this blog she describes the work done by Male Champions of Change, a group of 25 senior male executives in Australia who have come together to "listen, learn and lead" on diversity in the workplace.

To learn more about Male Champions of Change and why men are such an important part of the gender equality equation click here.