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26th June 2014

Introducing Yunus Social Business

Businesses of all types bring some type of social gain. They drive our economies and provide our jobs and livelihoods, but a social business is a business that identifies a financially sustainable business solution to address a social problem. Professor Muhammad Yunus explains that a social business is a financially sustainable enterprise that uses its profit to first pay back its investors, and then re-invest the additional profit to further scale the company and its impact.

Business solutions to social problems exist everywhere, and there are many incredible ventures doing some amazing work (Professor Yunus recently profiled one in Haiti), but often it is difficult to attract initial the investment that allows the company to take off, or reach scale.

This is where Yunus Social Business lends a hand by connecting investors to social business investment opportunities. Through incubator funds, local teams search for and create social business opportunities, assist with the development of a business plan and introduce the right networks for investment. Once a business becomes a success the original investment is then repaid.