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7th March 2015

How Can We Transform Workplaces to Drive Wellbeing? A Perspective From the Banking Sector

How can we transform workplaces to drive wellbeing? This was the question we asked to the One Young World community as part of a blog competition on redefining work and driving wellbeing.The winning blog, and one of six finalists came from One Young World Ambassador, Nicola Ruane, as she described the current state of the banking sector both in the United Kingdom and globally, and how the industry might shift and re-evaluate its role in society.

She begins her blog painting a surface level view of the wellbeing of a banking employee, one who typically receives above average pay, excellent benefits, and holiday time among other perks. Taking a closer look however, especially in the aftermath of the financial crisis, "banker bashing" has become a popular hobby in the UK, but beyond this, Nicola sees an evident need and opportunity for the banking industry to re-evaluate its role in society.

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This blog was selected as the overall winner in a blog competition hosted by The B Team and One Young World on redefining work and driving wellbeing in the workplace. The B Team and One Young World would like to congratulate all participants and the 6 finalists from the competition.