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27th March 2014

We Partner with Global Witness to End Anonymous Companies

Many of us have a vague notion about the issue of anonymous companies, that they can be used by criminals to launder money or by corrupt business owners and politicians to in some cases take millions or billions of dollars out of resource-rich developing countries. However, the problem often seems out of sight and out of mind.

Recently, Charmian Gooch of Global Witness revealed her TED wish to end anonymous companies. “My wish is for us to know who owns and controls companies, so that they can no longer be used anonymously against the public good. Together, let’s ignite world opinion, change the law and launch a new era of openness in business,” said Ms. Gooch.

A global campaign was launched to seek transparency in the corporate sector and to “know who owns and controls companies so they can no longer be used against the public good.”

In October 2014 Charmian provided an update on her Wish to the TED community at TED Global in Rio, Brazil. She acknowledged that new groups, including The B Team were coming on board to support the campaign to end anonymous companies and that “[that] support is already having a transformative effect.

Guilherme Leal attended the TED global update to represent The B Team and support Charmian’s unveiling of the Global Witness Great Rip-Off Map. This partnership was the very first step in convening The B Team beneficial ownership transparency working group, which will design and implement effective business transparency actions.You can read more about Charmian’s update to the TED community and The B Team partnership here.