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8th September 2023

G20 India: A clarion call for courageous leadership

Dear G20 Heads of State,

Every day, we are witnessing record-breaking weather events across the world. Wildfires, drought, exceptional heat waves and flooding are impacting millions of lives as we speak. It is a heartbreaking reminder that exponential impacts require an exponential response.

For COP28, we call for courageous leadership and renewed collaboration to, once and for all, take a collective approach to reverse global warming. Delivering the Paris Agreement, the Global Biodiversity Framework and 1.5°C is not a target; it is a limit for the planet we all share.

As leaders from some of the world’s largest organizations, we know that the transformation to a net-zero, nature-positive and resilient future is the only way forward for our survival. It is also economically profitable through innovation, technology and existing and future solutions. The sooner we act, the lower the costs — for people, companies, organizations and, most of all, the planet. Most of the technology already exists or is actively being prototyped and scaled, and there are ample possible solutions. We can see change unfolding rapidly in regions where governments have stepped up their support. We are energized by these movements and encouraged by the results and benefits they are already reaping today.

Change is happening, but it is not yet at the speed and scale we need.

To pick up the pace, we need radical collaboration to change the way that current systems are set up. This includes investments, effective policies, regulations, laws and infrastructure. This will help level the playing field, unlock the barriers to innovation and reform subsidies — to enable us to play a greater role in delivering fast and fair decarbonization and access to clean, affordable energy for all.

We stand ready to disrupt the status quo by participating in innovative coalitions with governments to accelerate transformations that are crucial for building a sustainable future for all.

We ask Heads of State to help us chart the path for delivering transformative outcomes across three key interconnected pillars of the economy:

1. Transform our energy systems

  • At least triple renewable energy capacity by 2030, including increasing the share of renewable energy sources in global electricity generation to 70-90% by 2030;
  • Ensure a just transition and phase out of fossil fuels in line with the scientific consensus on the global effort needed to limit warming to 1.5°C, which helps green the economy in a way that is as fair and inclusive as possible to everyone concerned, creating decent work opportunities and leaving no one behind;
  • Transition heavy-emitting sectors by dramatically enhancing energy efficiency and making clean technologies the most affordable, accessible and attractive option in all regions by 2030.

2. Transform our relationship with nature

  • Conserve what we have, halting deforestation and degradation by 2030, securing tenure and protection of Indigenous territories, encouraging sustainable land-use practices and decreasing ecosystem pressure from the agricultural sector;
  • Restore what we’ve lost, revitalizing degraded ecosystems such as forests, peatlands and oceans, in turn boosting livelihoods, supporting biodiversity and sequestering carbon;
  • Transform food systems by halving food wastage and loss, shifting diets to reduce strain on ecosystems and forest destruction, reducing emissions and increasing resilience.

3. Transform our financial systems

  • Deliver climate finance commitments, reshape incentives and urgently shift all global financial flows at scale to reduce emissions and facilitate climate-resilient, just and inclusive development;
  • Ramp up finance and other support (including debt relief) for adaptation, provide new and additional funds to address loss and damage, simplify access to these funds and more effectively channel resources to the local level;
  • Urge MDBs, IFIs and private investors to revise and adjust their investment plans and portfolios by 2030 to align with the Paris Agreement, including significantly increasing the proportion of investments in renewable energy, and collaborate to create the enabling environment and pathways to unlock greater private investment.

Together, we can make COP28 the point at which we truly unleash our shared capacity to innovate for an equitable, net-zero and nature-positive future. It is not too late to decide together that we can course correct in order to achieve delivery of the Paris Agreement. COP28 must be the moment. The future of our children and planet depends on principled and courageous leadership.

Our ambition is high, and the role for governments is clear: we can build a better world when leaders everywhere commit to brave, collaborative action today. If we are courageous, we can use the Global Stocktake to shift behavior and norms to deliver lasting change for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Together we can get ahead of the curve.

How will you choose to lead?

Alistair Phillips-Davies, CEO, SSE

Anand Mahindra, Chair, Mahindra Group

André Hoffmann, Vice-Chair, Roche Holding AG

Andrew Forrest, Executive Chair & Founder, Fortescue

Andrew N. Liveris AO, former Chair & CEO, Dow Chemical Company

Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

Chandra N Chandrasekaran, Executive Chair, Tata Sons

Christiana Figueres, Co-Founder, Global Optimism

Cristiano Teixeira, CEO, Klabin

Dimitri de Vreeze, CEO, dsm-firmenich

Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Founder & Chair, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Eliot Whittington, Director, Corporate Leaders Group

Emily Shuckburgh, Director, Cambidge Zero

Erik Fyrwald, CEO, Syngenta Group

Ester Baiget, President & CEO, Novozymes

Eva Zabey, CEO, Business for Nature

Gonzalo Muñoz, High-Level Climate Action Champion for COP25

Guilherme Leal, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, Natura &Co

Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO & Chief Change Catalyst, The B Team

Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder, Chair & CEO, Chobani

Helena Helmersson, CEO, H&M Group

Hiro Mizuno, Special Advisor, MSCI Inc.

Isabelle Kocher de Leyritz, Former CEO, Engie; co-founder & CEO, Blunomy

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder & CEO, Acumen

Jean Oelwang, Founding CEO & President, Virgin Unite

Jesper Brodin, CEO, Ingka Group (IKEA)

Jochen Zeitz, Chair, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Jon Creyts, CEO, RMI

Joseph D. Kenner, President & CEO, Greyston

Kathy Calvin, Former President & CEO, United Nations Foundation

Lei Zhang, CEO, Envision Energy

Marc Benioff, Chair, CEO & Co-Founder, Salesforce

Maria Mendiluce, CEO, We Mean Business Coalition

Mark Schneider, CEO, Nestlé SA

Mark Versey, CEO, Aviva Investors

Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40 Cities

Mary Robinson, Chair, The Elders

Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA

Nigel Topping, High-Level Climate Action Champion for COP26

Oliver Bäte, CEO, Allianz Group

Paul Polman, Business Leader & Campaigner

Peter Bakker, President & CEO, WBCSD

Sir Peter Gluckman, President, International Science Council (ISC)

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and Chair, C40 Cities

Dr Salvatore Aricò, CEO, International Science Council (ISC)

Sharan Burrow, Former General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Svein Tore Holsether, President & CEO, Yara International

Tara McGeehan, President UK & Australia, CGI

Walter Schalka, CEO, Suzano