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12th November 2015

Five More Companies Now on the Path to Net-Zero

The B Team Leaders in February called on Governments and business alike to take bold actions to meet their ambitious call of a global goal of net-zero greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.

Now 10 companies associated with the B Team have take action through setting the aspiration to be Net-Zero by 2050 companies.

Achieving the transition to a thriving and just Net-Zero greenhouse-gas emissions economy by 2050 is the best way to operationalize the long-term goal of maintaining the temperature under the 2°C of warming threshold.

These businesses are setting ambitious long-term goals and reallocating capital within their businesses in order facilitate the shift in their business practices, drive required innovation and take advantage of the economic opportunities available to them through this transition.

Companies that have today confirmed their aspiration to be a Net-Zero by 2050 company, joining others already on this journey include:

  • the French apparel and accessories group Kering
  • the US electricity company NRG Energy
  • the Kenyan mobile network operator Safaricom
  • the global enterprise cloud computing company Salesforce and
  • the internationally renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co.

François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering, said:“Business, and society more broadly, relies on natural resources and ecosystem services to function. To be successful and to thrive we at Kering need to ensure that the natural systems upon which we depend also thrive. Aspiring to be a ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ company is consistent with this vision and our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

David Crane, NRG Energy CEO, said:“We have previously publicly committed to a 90% reduction of emissions by 2050, so aiming to be a ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ company was the natural step-up in ambition. We believe it is important for a US energy company like ourselves to prove that this transition can be done, and in doing so we can help other businesses to grasp this historic opportunity. Success breeds success.”

Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO, said:“As a global community, the longer we delay making the required sustainability commitments and changes, the bigger the potential losses we face and the more radically our lives will be altered in the near future. We at Safaricom are committed to ‘practicing what we preach’ that is why we are aspiring to be a ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ company.”

Marc Benioff, Salesforce Chairman and CEO, said:“Businesses are the greatest platforms for change in the world. As leaders, we have an obligation to focus on all of our stakeholders, including the environment. Protecting our planet must be a priority for every business, government and individual. We’re asking our world leaders to join us in combatting climate change and making the commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050."

Frédéric Cumenal, CEO of Tiffany & Co., said:“Tiffany & Co. is proud to join other leading responsible businesses to aspire for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. As a leader in sustainable luxury and an iconic brand, we aspire to get to net-zero as one more way Tiffany & Co. is committed to protecting the beauty of the natural environment and inspiring others to do the same.”

[The Tiffany & Co. Foundation is a member of the B Team Founders Circle]

The B Team is urging country and business leaders alike to strive towards Net-Zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 through committing to long-term targets and developing strategies to reduce emissions.