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19th March 2015

Ellevate: Dedicated to the Economic Engagement of Women Worldwide

Ellevate is a global professional women's network that has successfully sparked a vast and diverse network of women in all stages in their careers who know that "investing in themselves and in other women is good business."

Founded on the belief that women continue to be an "under-tapped" resource and citing the vast amount of research that proves companies and economies perform better when women are fully engaged, they focus their work on three distinct pillars: connect, learn and invest.

Connect: With networking being one of the most important aspects of professional life, they've built a thriving community of women from around the globe, and set up chapters in cities around the world.

Learn: Through physical events, online "Jam Sessions" and online video and written material they produce and curate a vast amount of resources to help women connect and advance in their careers.

Invest: To help ensure capital flows towards companies who lead on gender diversity, Ellevate encourages members and their partner companies to invest in companies that invest in women. They've have also set up the Pax Ellevate Global Women's Investment Fund, the only mutual fund in the world investing in companies that are rated highest in the world for advancing women.

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