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9th September 2020

E.SUN Becomes First Asia-Based Signatory to The B Team Responsible Tax Principles

The B Team is pleased to announce that E.SUN Financial Holding Company Limited—the Taiwan-headquartered bank—has joined the growing movement of companies publicly endorsing The B Team Responsible Tax Principles.

In adopting the Principles, E.SUN becomes the first Asian-headquartered company to endorse The B Team’s vision for responsible tax practice. Its endorsement indicates that the imperative of responsible tax is resonating across the globe.

Such commitments are all the more important in light of the economic disruption and fiscal stress caused by COVID-19. By endorsing a comprehensive and robust set of Principles that raise the bar on responsible tax, companies can demonstrate that they’re paying their fair share of tax—a critical component of economic and social recovery efforts.

Dedication to social responsibility lies at the heart of E.SUN’s corporate purpose. Its vision statement is clear: “We are convinced that only by fulfilling our social responsibilities can we truly be excellent corporate citizens.” The company’s endorsement of the Principles sends a clear signal that E.SUN sees responsible tax as a core part of that vision.

The company has already taken a number of steps to demonstrate its commitment to tax transparency, including voluntarily publishing its effective tax rates in the countries in which it operates. By working with The B Team, E.SUN has committed to going further, and working over time toward full realization of The B Team Responsible Tax Principles.

"Responsible tax plays a vital role in corporate sustainability," said Magi Chen, President of E.SUN Financial Holding Company, "E.SUN is dedicated to improving our approach to tax governance and transparency, and we are glad to be one of the endorsing companies of The B Team Responsible Tax Principles."

The B Team encourages others to follow the leadership example set by E.SUN by endorsing the Responsible Tax Principles. To learn more about The B Team, the Principles and how you can join this movement, see here or contact Ewan Livingston-Docwra at

About The B Team Responsible Tax Principles

Developed by multinational businesses with input from civil society, investors and representatives from international institutions, The B Team Responsible Tax Principles were launched at the Tax & SDG Conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in February 2018. The B Team Responsible Tax Principles represent a new blueprint, designed to raise the bar on how businesses approach tax. They are the first consolidated effort from a group of cross-sector, cross-regional companies to articulate best practice in seven key areas of tax, from corporate governance to relationships with authorities to transparency.