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2nd April 2015

Driving Change Through Diversity

A recent survey found that 50% of workers in the United States and 40% of workers in the United Kingdom believe that people face limitations or discrimination at work because of their differences.

While news that we still face issues related to diversity at work and our society at large is not surprising, what's interesting is the survey's finding that the principle barrier to diversity in the workplace is a lack of "genuine commitment at the corporate level". This means that despite a very compelling business case for diversity, alongside an obvious moral case, there is a disconnect between what businesses should do with regards to diversity, and what they do in reality.

In the a recent blog post, Benjamin Hay explores this disconnect. At a very base level, its important to lead with your brain in business; identify the business case, implement a solution, and move things forward. However, in many cases there's a need to bring more into the equation.

So what's missing to bring diversity to the mainstream in business? As Hay puts it, "this is not a blog about diversity... it’s about leadership".

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