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8th May 2017

Crane: A Defining Moment for CSOs

With key officials in the U.S. government debating whether to keep America in the Paris Climate Change agreement, it's time for corporate Chief Sustainability Officers to step up and make sure their company stands on the right side of history, says B Team Leader David Crane.In a new GreenBiz post, Crane writes that it is urgent for CSO's to speak with their leaders, and ensure they understand "that the situation we face right now represents a starkly moral issue for each of us as individuals."

Crane writes: "Even more so for your CEO, as the principal steward of your company's core values, it is a pivotal legacy-defining moment. Withdrawal from Paris is not just a matter of public policy or regulatory policy or foreign policy for your colleagues in Government Affairs to white paper to death; it is a matter of right versus wrong. And, no matter what business your company is engaged in, it is material."

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