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31st October 2017

COP23: A Crucial Moment for Global Climate Action

COP23 comes at an urgent moment for global climate action. The B Team will be attending to demonstrate that business leaders are committed to delivering on the vision of the Paris Agreement and calling for a just transition to net-zero emissions by 2050. Despite the US pulling out of the agreement, the global community has reaffirmed its commitment to Paris time and time again throughout 2017.

The G7, G19 and various other government forums have publicly stated their support and announced new measures to implement the vision of the Paris Agreement.Nicaragua recently became the latest country to ratify the Agreement. Non-state actors have joined them, too. More than 1,700 businesses, 200 cities and nine U.S. states have showed their commitment to the Paris Agreement through the We Are Still In campaign.

However, our planet is demanding urgency. Frequent, and often tragic, extreme weather events only accelerate our need to peak emissions by 2020 to avoid the worst impacts of warming. Fiji, a climate vulnerable country, is hosting COP23 and will call for all countries to raise ambition and support vulnerable countries’ need for climate finance to build resilience.

Governments must work together at COP23 to ensure 2018 is a leap forward for climate action in line with global peaking in 2020 and net-zero emissions by 2050. Measuring progress on national targets and raising ambition will be key for countries to bring this vision to life. Importantly, countries must also prioritize how people can benefit from a new, decarbonized world and ensure a just transition that leaves no one behind.

Business can also lead at COP23 demonstrating the growth in company action on climate. Private sector leaders must commit to further action at key moments throughout 2018, including the Global Climate Action Summit.

Together, private and public sector leaders can ensure that COP23 builds a net-zero future ripe with opportunity and prosperity for people around the world; a vision our planet needs.