Credit: Halla Tómasdóttir

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14th June 2024

Celebrating courageous leadership: Halla Tómasdóttir is elected President of Iceland

The world needs leaders with passion, courage and humility to tackle the challenging issues of our time.

This month, Iceland gained an exceptional leader.

The B Team is delighted that our former CEO, Halla Tómasdóttir, has been elected President of Iceland.

Halla has long been recognized for her courageous leadership and unwavering commitment to positive change. Her track record as an entrepreneur, investor and corporate leader, combined with her persistent advocacy for gender equality in leadership, reflects her integrity and deep-seated belief in the power of radical collaboration. Her dedication to inclusion, innovation and sustainability will undoubtedly resonate with the people of Iceland and citizens of the world.

Halla joined The B Team as CEO in 2018. She immediately set about reimagining the organization in ways that better serve its commitment to building an inclusive economy by 2030. In 2019-20, she stewarded development of The B Team’s five-year strategy, titled Bold Vision, Brave Action. In 2021, she led the creation of the New Leadership Playbook, a collection of stories, insights and resources on 21st-century business leadership. Throughout her tenure, she catalyzed ambition and collective action alongside B Team Leaders at the major international climate conferences, from COP26 in Glasgow to COP28 in Dubai. Just last year, Halla celebrated The B Team’s 10-year anniversary with the publication of The B Team at 10.

B Team Leaders take great pride in Halla’s success. Join us in congratulating Halla on her election by reaffirming our dedication to the principles of sustainability, equality and accountability in our work and everyday lives. As Halla always says: There’s a leader in every one of us. It’s time to be bold. How will you choose to lead?