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28th September 2021

Calling for a New Leadership Playbook: Launching September 29

The world is almost two years into the “Decade of Action,” a 10-year period the UN has dedicated to the transformational change we need to deliver the global goals. And although we've made progress in some areas, such as the new agreement for a global minimum tax and a growing number of countries with climate targets that can slow global warming, our efforts are nowhere near enough to meet the global goals. Simply put, we are not on track to deliver the catalytic change humanity needs. Governments, business, investors, and civil society must become 10x bolder in their approach.

The B Team calls on leaders to step up and embrace the urgency to act boldly, for people and planet. As a collective of global business and civil society leaders at the forefront of advancing a Net Zero future, 100% Human Workplaces and better corporate and global governance, The B Team has created The New Leadership Playbook, a collection of stories, insights and resources on 21st-century business leadership, challenges and all. This includes 10x Bolder, a conversation-based podcast series exploring how leaders align values with influence. Whether creating opportunities for refugees, implementing ‘open hiring’ practices, or corralling heads of state toward greater climate ambition, these leaders’ stories offer honesty, inspiration and insights for current and emerging business leaders alike.

We know we don’t have all the answers. We also know that we ourselves could do more. Nevertheless, we believe in sharing our experiences and insights to inspire and unlock 10 times bolder leadership in leaders everywhere.

This is a time where we all should be asking ourselves: how will we choose to lead?

Together, The New Leadership Playbook and 10x Bolder podcast offer inspiration and insights into how to lead differently. For The B team, this means placing humanity at the heart of our economy to help create a just and inclusive transition in our economic system. This Playbook conveys the leadership vision, values and ways of working that we believe are critical to building a more inclusive economy by 2030.

We have a long way to go and a short time to get there. For our New Leadership Playbook to help guide the way, it will be essential to add more diverse voices and lived experiences from leaders everywhere. Ultimately, leadership is about building a vision and a path together with those impacted. It is about radical collaboration and challenging conformity, to find solutions that reach further, at a time when business as usual is no longer an option.

Check out The New Leadership Playbook tomorrow, September 29, 2021!