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21st May 2015

Business Leaders to Policy Makers: We Want ‘Net-Zero Emissions’

On May 21st, 25 business networks, representing over 6.5 million companies from more than 130 countries, pledged to lead the global transition to a “low-carbon, climate resilient economy.”

This message came at the culmination of the two-day Business and Climate Summit, which hosted over 1000 global business leaders, investors and policy makers in Paris, and served as a key venue for business to voice its conviction that bold climate action is consistent with a strong economy, and imperative for a low carbon future.

In the statement, B Team Leader Paul Polman highlighted the rewards that companies taking climate action are already seeing, and emphasized the need for “a strong international climate agreement [in December of this year] that sends a clear and credible signal to businesses that low-carbon policies will endure”.

Though the assembled group stopped short of calling for a target date to achieve Net-Zero (as B Team Leaders did in February) it represented significant business support for bold climate ambition, and a recognition that targeting ‘zero’ is the best way for business and politicians alike to achieve step-change, not incremental, progress.

To learn more about the B Team’s ambition for a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2050 click here.